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BFI Infinity

Global investment strategies, tailored to your chosen path and personal aspirations


Who We Are

Fee-Only I Independent

We are a Swiss, fee-only wealth advisor. As part of BFI Capital Group, we benefit from extensive experience and broad expertise in the realm of global wealth management. We are 100% privately held and independent, tied to no other institution. This allows us to freely implement solutions that are in your best interest, and fully in line with our obligations as a trusted fiduciary. 


What We Do

Global I Tailored

We manage globally diversified investment portfolios, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. We are particularly qualified to service North Americans who wish to add an international dimension to their long-term wealth management plan - safely, conveniently, and in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations. 


How We Do It

System I Discipline

A structured and systematic approach to investing is what defines a good investment manager. It's all about getting rid of the 'noise' via a disciplined investment process. While structured in our approach, we remain agile and innovative to continuously adjust to a rapidly changing topography - prudently balancing risks and opportunities.

BFI Infinity specializes in the multi-jurisdictional wealth diversification and investment needs of American families and entrepreneurs.

Professional Associations

On the Brink of a New Era - Are You Prepared? We are entering a period of drastic change in manifold dimensions: economic, geo-political, social, and technological. This leads to a high level of uncertainty and risk. It also leaves extraordinary space for opportunity.

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