25 Years of BFI – Yes, we’ve been around for a while!

September 16, 2013



As you may realize, BFI Infinity is a subsidiary of BFI Capital Group (www.bficapital.com). What you may not realize is that we have been around for 25 years. On May 21st, our group will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary since the founding of BFI in 1993!


If this surprises you, you are not alone. It surprises us too. So much has happened, evolved, and changed. And yet, it all seems to have passed so fast. Time seems to fly by and all becomes a blur.


Our group’s CEO and Chairman recently sent out a personal letter to our clients, partners and friends – possibly, you received it as well. In the letter, he takes us down memory lane a bit, from the initial founding to the most recent developments and exiting projects we are privileged to work on. Here’s a short excerpt from the letter:


“The story of BFI started over 25 years ago! On May 21st of 1993, my father Frank Suess Sr. incorporated the first company of our group, BFI Consulting AG.


“Actually, the business idea and initiation of BFI was even earlier: in late 1991. I vividly remember my father and I traveling to Costa Rica in December of 1991, to our first conference (the first of many) organized by a group called Sound Money, I believe at a hotel called Iguazu, in San José. And there, my father, for the first time, held a presentation on Swiss annuities to a group of internationally minded investors, mostly from America.



"Mind you, the presentation was held using an overhead projector and transparency slides, which I had prepared on an Apple Macintosh and its revolutionary graphical user interface. Do you remember?”



Time flies indeed. And that Macintosh does seem to stem from a different age for sure… Anyway, we’ve been around for a while. And, no worries, we’ll be around for “a while longer”. Global Gold and the entire group are doing very well; we’re profitable and growing across all group companies.


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25 Years of BFI – Yes, we’ve been around for a while!

September 16, 2013

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