An unsurprisingly turbulent year - BFI InSights Q4 2018

Our latest BFI InSights investment update is online.

2018 has been a very challenging, to say at least, year for most asset classes bringing up the question “Where to invest in 2019?”. In our view, the case for international investments, precious metals and alternative investments is looking increasingly attractive.

In our most recent edition of BFI InSights, we look at the valuation difference between U.S. and international markets and explain why the current situation might present a unique opportunity for American investors to tap in to international investments. In fact, if you consider the relatively high valuation of the U.S. Dollar, an investment into international markets now presents an entry opportunity we haven’t seen in two decades.

Precious metals too, look finally like they are building some renewed momentum as they are benefitting from increased uncertainty and higher volatility. We think investors should now also consider investment in precious metals again.

Please let us know if you have questions, we are always happy to help you.

Read the Q4 2018 BFI InSights here.

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