Growing AND protecting your wealth – much like in football, a strong defense is the basis for a successful offensive strategy.

We manage our client’s personally tailored portfolio along the lines of our proprietary modular investment components, thus keeping with our big picture analysis and investment methodology. Our specialty “Plug-Ins” add additional upside and complement local, more domestically oriented investment portfolios.

Personalized portfolio construction

Does your advisor consider your specific planning needs? Does he understand the intricacies and the need for global diversification?


We advise and support our clients in their jurisdictional diversification and global investment needs. We manage globally diversified investment portfolios. We construct and maintain specifically tailored «plug-and-play» solutions for private families as well as institutional investors, such as family offices, wealth managers, private banks and tax advisors.

While we provide investment strategies with prudent exposure to financial markets across the globe, we are particularly qualified to incorporate enhanced exposure to Swiss and European investment opportunities. 

Personalized Portfolio Construction

Is the traditional allocation of assets still viable today?

Does your advisor share your big picture? Does it matter? We think so.


Current big picture realities have considerable implications on how you need to manage your wealth today. Decades of inflationary monetary and loose fiscal policies have led to considerable debt levels and fundamental imbalances in global financial markets. The traditional asset allocation, i.e. equities, bonds, and «a bit of the rest», is no longer adequate. Properly structured portfolios and adequate risk management require adjustments to the strategic allocation process, and the selective and systematic consideration of alternative asset categories.

Big Pictures