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Your  committed guide and trusted ally in challenging territory

We are a leading Swiss wealth advisory firm with a focus on American clients. Since 1993, our Group has focussed on providing international clients with personally tailored cross-border management solutions.



Balanced  I  Global

We assist our international clients in qualifying, selecting, and accessing superior global investment opportunities in the safest possible and most balanced way. We are dedicated to their individual global financial needs on an ongoing basis, with a focus on enhanced legal asset protection, long-term wealth preservation, and risk-controlled growth.



Results  I  Best Practice

Independence is at the core of our client-focussed principles. Our firm is not obligated to the products or services of any institution or partner. We are focussed on generating the  best possible results for our clients. None of our staff are compensated on a commission or volume basis. We strive to build long-term partnerships with all of our stakeholders, our clients in particular.



Structure  I  Allocation

Managing wealth demands much more than just picking a few 'hot' stocks. It entails a more holistic range of considerations. Conscientious of the broad array of risks and opportunities, we take a comprehensive approach. In our work, performance is achieved at four levels: jurisdictional solidity, institutional excellence, long-term structural planning, and prudent global asset allocation.

The 'Infinity' in our firm's name reflects the longevity we seek in everything we do. We work hard to build trusting, long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and our team members. We are passtionate about resilient solutions that persist when the wind picks up.

- Dirk Steinhoff, Chief Investment Officer

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