In Switzerland, we have a tradition of precision and reliability - our approach to investing is no different.

A structured and systematic approach to investing is what differentiates a good investment manager. It’s all about getting rid of the «noise» via a proven investment process and methodology. Our hybrid advisory model actively utilizes the power of technological innovation without giving up on human intuition and experience.

Our investment process is rooted in the firm belief that effective investment decisions must combine elements of both, macro-economic “big picture” and micro-economic “nuts & bolts” research and analysis. 


The investment process is overseen by a Steering Committee, which includes external experts and convenes at least quarterly for big picture reviews and strategic allocation decisions. Our  Investment Committee, made up of four financial professionals with extensive investment experience meets at least monthly for our so-called Dashboard Meetings, during which key economic indicators and financial market trends are reviewed and analyzed. Together, the investment committee defines the strategic and tactical asset allocation for each mandate. On a weekly basis, the investment team meets for ongoing reviews and tactical adjustments to mandates.