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YOU, our clients and partners

We manage your wealth, so you can enjoy  your 
hard-earned freedom

Our clients and partners come from diverse backgrounds. All of them cherish the opportunity of working with an independent and trusted ally overseas.



Access  I  Invest

You are an  entrepreneur, preparing for an exit or succession, a wealthy family, preserving your legacy, or a global citizen, seeking international opportunities. We take the time to assess and understand your needs and circumstances. Then we implement tailored and professionally managed strategies, with both offense and defense in mind.


& Planners

Connect  I  Enhance

You are a professional advisor, an estate planner, an accountant, or an asset protection attorney. You are interested in providing your clients with a globally enhanced offering. By partnering with us, you gain instant access to a time-tested pool of international skills and expertise, a cross-border Swiss army knife of sorts. 



Unite  I  Benefit 

You are an independent investment advisor, a family office, or a fund manager. You face the challenges of increased regulations, generating alpha in traditional markets, while adapting to the realities of digital finance. We face these challenges as well. We are interested in working with you to deliver bespoke services and solutions affording significant joint benefits. 

Wealth is more than the net-worth of your belongings, more than a purely financial measurement. It is created, often over generations, with hard work, devotion, and talent. It is the product of ambitions and emotions. Some may not understand what it took to get here. We do. It is our mission to help protect and grow what is rightfully yours.

- Frank R. Suess, Chairman

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